Flavorwire Premiere: Scooter Island’s “Breezy” Introduces Us to Rooftop Music


This weekend, many of us city-dwellers will find ourselves on rooftops celebrating the holiday, so it seems as good a time as any to introduce you to a new relaxed-fit summer anthem and what its creator calls “rooftop music.” Matt “F.X.” Feldman, who some may recognize as the Broad City music supervisor (as well as the co-founder of the ultra-hip Tribes NY parties), has a new project several years in the making: Scooter Island. Flavorwire is pleased to premiere Scooter Island’s debut single, “Breezy,” which layers Vampire Weekend-esque riffs over a bubbly beat that grows and grows until you find yourself doing something resembling the “rolling with the homies” dance.

“Scooter Island started as a very personal project for me — a representation of everything I’ve soaked up growing up as a New Yorker,” F.X. says. “In many ways it’s still that, but the project’s a lot less self-absorbed now. ‘Breezy’ was the first real step in that direction — working with Zoe [Baker, a Scooter Island member] on her verse and the whole crew at the end was a stepping stone into fully realizing that’s what it needed all along.”

Scooter Island’s debut will be out August 1, just in time for summer’s final days, which are really the ideal time to enjoy F.X. and co.’s wildly chill “rooftop music.” The album’s got 20 (yes, 20) collaborators from around the NYC scene, including Obey City, the LuckyMe-signed, RBMA-featured producer who runs the label Astro Nautico, and promising young rapper Taro.

“Rooftop music defines the Scooter Island vibe — the melting point between acoustic and electronic, organic and synthesized,” F.X. says. “This album is distinctly summer music, that particular feeling when you’re relaxing on a sunny city rooftop. The music weaves through all those emotions, from morning, to daytime, to sunset and night.”