Franz Kafka Turns 131, Seinfeld Turns 25, and Robin Thicke Stays Creepy: Links You Need to See


It’s a week of very important birthdays: today, Kafka turns 131 and Seinfeld turns 25 (and it seems like we were changing its diapers, spoon-feeding it babka, and telling our friends, “You’ve gotta see the baby!” just yesterday). Of course, it can’t be everyone’s birthday: here you’ll also find material on the perpetually mopey Nick Cave and the infidelity-insinuating Beyoncé.

Watch a Nick Cave concert in its entirety, taped at LA’s Fonda Theater for Cave’s Push the Sky Away tour. [Rolling Stone]

In honor of Seinfeld‘s 25th birthday, UPROXX recounts the universally hated pilot (no Elaine!!!) that paved the way for one of TV’s most universally beloved sitcoms. [UPROXX]

The roundabout, “Kafka-esque” ways to pay tribute to Kafka on his 131st b-day. [BuzzFeed]

From Beyoncé’s seemingly pregnant lyrical tweaks to the way Robin Thicke has been trying to use his bare chest to get his wife back, here’s a list of pop stars’ public displays of their personal lives thus far this summer. [Jezebel]