Flavorwire Premiere: MOTOFIGHTR Funk It Up on “Piano Fu*k”


Not all bands would name their first single “Piano Fu*k,” but that’s just the kind of dudes MOTOFIGHTR are. The LA-based electronic duo channels acts like Classixx and Holy Ghost! on the song, which Flavorwire is pleased to premiere below.

To make the kind of nonchalant disco MOTOFIGHTR modernize, I suppose it helps not to take yourself too seriously. In case you had any doubts about these guys…

“I’ve always been into blues/garage rock — at least half of this EP is reflective of and directly inspired by that influence,” Alec Feld, one half of MOTOFIGHTR (who previously recorded as Expensive Looks), said. “About a year ago we asked both Jack White and Dan Auerbach to produce it in a controlled collaborative environment, but neither would make the trip. Last fall we reinstated the offer, adding an amendment to tether each of them to opposite walls in a room as to prevent a dangerous and harmful situation — we were really willing to go the extra mile to make sure two men didn’t kill each other but clearly that wasn’t enough. I was up early one morning in March preparing for my bi-weekly seance when I received a call from Jack, refusing the offer in order to further work on what he described as ‘the world’s first 90 [rpm].’ Needless to say, it was a giant letdown, and Auerbach sending an Evite for a bubble bath event scheduled for the same day as our production was a clear indicator our dream had been deferred, and we would not be working with our heroes. I guess Jack or Dan spread the word of our project — we got a call from Steve Albini a week later pleading to produce in the same environment we spent weeks building for Jack and Dan, pro bono. My jaw dropped, Miles [Gabriel, the other half of MOTOFIGHTR] fell out of his chair; we were floored. To answer your question, the best moment of my career so far has to be turning Steve down in favor of an outsourced team from Taiwan.”

MOTOFIGHTR’s debut EP, Pacific Post Highway, comes out next week (July 15). I assure you it has nothing to do with blues rock, but there are some bitchin’ guitar lines that sound a little like Chic. It’s worth a listen.