Flavorwire Premiere: Motel Beds Cover Matthew Sweet’s “I’ve Been Waiting”


Dayton, Ohio’s Motel Beds have never taken the most obvious path. Their history as a band is akin to driving off a cliff only to land in the middle of a racetrack half a decade later. They’re speeding towards the finish line now, at a pace that challenges fellow Dayton resident Robert Pollard’s Guided By Voices, legends associated in the local scene with Motel Beds. Case in point: They released a 29-song lo-fi demos collection right around the same time they finally released their debut full-length, 2010’s Feelings. It only took them seven years, with a big hiatus in the middle.

Since then, Motel Beds have released three more full-lengths of gen-u-ine midwest rock and roll — jangly, a little retro, meant to be played loudly. There are some real indie rock gems on these records, which the folks at Motel Beds’ new label, Misra Records, will highlight on These Are The Days Gone By come August 26. It’s an compilation of “hits,” rarities, and never-before-heard tracks, from a band most people have never heard of — but should hear. Consider it an introduction and a retrospective collection of their work over the last 11 years. Included is “Tropics of the Sand,” a track featuring noted Daytonite Kelley Deal of The Breeders, and a cover of Matthew Sweet’s lovely 1991 song “I’ve Been Waiting.” Flavorwire is pleased to premiere to latter below.

“The Matthew Sweet cover is something I’ve been playing since I first started in on music as a teenager,” Motel Beds frontman P.J. Pasolsky says. “I’ve been a pretty big Matthew Sweet fan since the album Girlfriend first invaded my eardrums. When I first learned ‘ Willing to Wait,’ my parents were happy to hear another song being played (rather poorly) out of my bedroom, on my acoustic, other than Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ or Kings Missile’s ‘Detachable Penis.’ It was a win/win situation for the whole household. When we used to live together, Tommy [Cooper, Motel Beds guitarist] and I always ended up playing it while trying to come up with new songs. It’s a pretty ‘sweet’ song. Wink, wink.”

Motel Beds are currently working on a new album, and will be touring the midwest through the fall.

(main image by Bill Franz)