25 Photos of Patrick Stewart Being Adorable


Happy birthday to Sir Patrick Stewart. The English actor has done it all. He brought a newfound respect to the Star Trek series as Captain Jean-Luc Picard. There aren’t many actors who can balance a long-running role in a comic book franchise (the X-Men film series) alongside a prolific stage career with the Royal Shakespeare Company. And Stewart just wrapped a critically acclaimed Broadway run of Waiting for Godot with dear friend Ian McKellen. Since Stewart joined Twitter we’ve been treated to a number of fabulous photos that reveal the star’s sillier side — and his heartfelt relationship with McKellen and wife Sunny Ozell. In honor of the esteemed actor’s birthday, we’re celebrating with a series of pics that showcase Stewart at his most adorable.

“Patrick Stewart as Launce, with his dog Crab, during rehearsals for Robin Phillips’ production of ‘Two Gentlemen Of Verona’ for the Royal Shakespeare Company, London, 15th September 1970. The play opened at the Aldwych theatre, London, the following December.”