10 Rap Songs Better Than the Monster Mash


Bobby Boris Pickett’sMonster Mash” has been a Halloween staple since its release in October, 1962. Have you ever heard the Misfits’ cover? Or the Beach Boys’ version? Even the Smashing Pumpkins gave it a spin. While these are all classics, sometimes you don’t want to rock out on Halloween; you want to listen to some hip-hop. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of ten Halloween rap songs that might surpass Pickett’s legendary tune. Add to our roundup in the comments.

1. The Fat Boys, “Are You Ready for Freddy?”

2. Geto Boys, “My Mind Playing Tricks on Me”

3. Immortal Technique, “Dance with the Devil”

4. Ice-T, “Midnight”

5. Ras Kass, “Interview with a Vampire”

6. Fresh Prince & Jazzy Jeff, “Nightmare on my Street”

7. Gravediggaz, “6 Feet Deep”

8. Whodini, “Haunted House of Rock”

9. Dana Dane, “Nightmare”

If you’ve ever seen Obama Girl in action, or watched the guys over at IndyMogul and BarelyPolitical, you know they make some hilarious videos for our enjoyment. Their latest is our #1.

10. “Trick or Treat or Die”