Pablo Picasso Never Got Called an Asshole, But Norman Mailer Sure Did


Novelist, essayist, journalist, filmmaker, Pulitzer Prize winner, mayoral candidate, wife stabber: Norman Mailer crammed a lot into his lifetime. With all of those titles, it’s a little understandable that Mailer’s hobby of drawing Picasso-influenced illustrations might not be as well-known as some of the other things he did in life. Now, thanks to POBA, the first-ever “virtual cultural arts center,” a handful of Mailer’s illustrations are up on the web, courtesy of Mailer’s family, and available to view along with the work of many other artists.

Norman Mailer, “Master Ink on Paper,” 1974

Norman Mailer, “Open Face,” 1985

Norman Mailer, “Parted Hair,” 1985

Norman Mailer, “Untitled,” 1985

Norman Mailer, “Untitled,” 1985