Is Pornhub the New iTunes? Links You Need to See


While Coolio signs a deal to release all his music through Pornhub – and in return gets to use the resources of Pornhub’s female “talent” – Pharrell releases a video “empowering” women… by having them dance for him. Those items and more, in today’s links!

Have you ever tried to watch a music video, and porn pops up out of nowhere? Like (slightly hotter versions of) New York cockroaches, porn lurks in every crevice the web. Leave it to cultural revolutionary Coolio to turn the norm on its head: now, while you’re trying to watch porn in peace, Coolio may pop up out of nowhere. [A.V. Club]

Elaine Benes tops the list of the 100 best Seinfeld characters (I, personally, was rooting for the babka). [Rolling Stone]

Here are 50 films by foreign female directors you should see. [The Mary Sue]

Pharrell assumes a thinly feminist stance by having women – including Miley Cyrus – happily dance for him while he films them or sits back in a chair (the feminist bent: they’re not crying!). [Huffington Post]