That Is NOT a Mouse: Links You Need to See


Today’s links all seem unified by unfathomable realities: how is it that we accepted the hokeyness of ’90s Batman movies? Why are scientists creating mice that look like used condoms? Why do people travel to the middle of the desert to see oversize vulvae? And how is it that, lacking the power to fly, we Muggles are still chasing after Quaffles and Snitches?

Examining how the Batman films morphed from carnival-esque camp-fests to bleak mood pieces. [A.V. Club]

Fine, this may not be culture-related, but I feel it’s worthy to break genre in order to broaden awareness of these FUCKING TRANSPARENT mice. [Gawker]

A giant octopus bike rack? A caravan of gargantuan teapots? A “Vulvatron” made by a group called the Clitterati? Must be Burning Man. [Huffington Post]

Remember when you thought it was impossible for Quidditch to become a legitimate sport? Now there’s a legitimate documentary about the legitimacy of the sport. [The Mary Sue]