The Best Things We Read on the Internet This Week: From ’80s Thrash Metal to Cybersex in the ’90s


Listicles, tweets, your ex’s Facebook status, picture of dogs wearing costumes — the internet offers no shortage of entertaining stuff to look at. But there’s plenty of substantial writing out there, too, the pieces you spend a few minutes reading and a long time thinking about after you’ve closed the tab. In this weekly feature, Flavorwire shares the best of that category. This time around: borderline NSFW stuff, heavy metal in the ’80s, and more.

“Bay Area Thrash Metal in the 80s, Including Metallica, Testament, and Exodus,” SFist

If you took a camera from the Heavy Metal Parking Lot to the backstage area of the same shows, this is probably what you’d get: Metallica, Exodus, Slayer, all pounding beers and being metal.

“These Are Your Parents” by Lena Dunham, Criterion

For the Criterion release of The Big Chill, Lena Dunham pretty much takes what it was like growing up as the child of baby boomer parents, balls it up, and hands it to you in one beautiful essay.

“How to have cybersex in 1997” by Brian Abrams, Death and Taxes

Bordering on NSFW, but never actually crossing that line, this short Clinton-era video shows you what to do when you’re in the mood and only some hot text will do the trick.

“Victoria Siemer’s Poetic Error Messages” by Maru Pabón, Electric Literature

There’s something oddly beautiful about these that makes it hard to take our eyes off them. (See also: Screenshots of Despair.)