Flavorwire Premiere: Watch Betty Who Play Truth or Dare, ’90s Style, on ‘Slumber Party at Emmie’s House’


Nobody does late ’90s nostalgia quite like Emmie Lichtenberg. The New York party promoter and on-camera host has been known to rock yin-yang signs on her nails and “Backstreet’s Back” moves on the dance floor. Her deep passion for the era comes through in her web series, Slumber Party at Emmie’s House, which mixes modern emoji culture with the sleepover antics of twentysomething youth.

The premise is simple: Emmie invites over a pop star or two, and they play Truth or Dare, make prank calls, and recreate Britney Spears videos in their jammies. There is usually pizza involved as well, because obviously. Charli XCX, MS MR, Marina from Marina and the Diamonds, and more have all gotten cozy in Emmie’s bed… as guests, of course.

Betty Who joins their ranks in a new episode from the second season of Slumber Party at Emmie’s House, now airing on Myspace. Flavorwire is pleased to premiere the episode, in which the Aussie singer, on a dare, goes hard for a rap recreation of her hit “Somebody Loves You,” curates her ultimate school-dance playlist, and busts a few moves. Watch below.

“This episode was such a blast to shoot,” Emmie tells Flavorwire. “Betty is one of the funniest/kindest/realest people I have ever met, so everything was so effortless. It really did feel like an actual slumber party! If the fact that she was willing to act out the scripted interlude from the ‘Oops… I Did It Again’ music video with me isn’t a testament to her awesomeness then I don’t know what is… well, maybe her amazing dance skills.”