Back When The Oneders Stole Our Hearts: Links You Have to See


Today’s links have an overarching musical theme (and then, of course, there’s the requisite unrelated George R.R. Martin link). From fake bands brought to life by filmmakers to a real band a certain director is trying to resuscitate, to Michael Cera setting his aloof cutesiness to song, there’s plenty here to keep you occupied, although you might not want to actually listen to all of it.

Frank reminds us to celebrate the best fictional bands of the past – revisit the Oneders, The Soggy Bottom Boys, and of course, Spinal Tap. [Indiewire]

Michael Cera Beyoncéd everyone with the least-Beyoncé-ish surprise album imaginable — a collection of his charming lo-fi song scraps. [A.V. Club]

David Lynch reasserts his divine mastery in the art of procrastination with… a Duran Duran concert video!(???) [Rolling Stone]

George R.R. Martin has admitted that fans have guessed the ending of the Song of Ice and Fire series… of course, with all the speculation that goes on about the series’ future, it seems mathematically impossible for this not to have been the case. [Crushable]