Exclusive Video: Yeasayer and Tanline at the Guggenheim


We caught Yeasayer at the Guggenheim on Friday as part of the museum’s It Came from Brooklyn series. Two-person rave Tanline opened for them after a reading by Rachel Sherman. Brooklyn comic Max Silvestri emceed the event. While we fully expected Yeasayer to blow the roof off the Gugg’s rotunda, the epic electro/psychsters more than delivered — a light show complete with “light-bending glasses” helped augment the performance.

The band played some old songs from All Hour Cymbals as well as “Tightrope” from the Dark Was the Night compilation album for Red Hot Organization. They also debuted a few songs from their upcoming album Odd Blood (due out in February) including “Ambling Alp” (which was released earlier that day), “The Children,” “Madder Red, I Remember,” and “O.N.E.”

Below, video of Yeasayer performing “Tightrope,” “Ambling Alp,” and and a short clip of Tanline.


“Ambling Alp”

Tanline performing beforehand