Flavorwire Video Premiere: Roladex, “Glass Statuette”


Apart from having a great name, Seattle label Medical Records does a fine line in minimal coldwave-y synth sounds both past and present. Such sounds are always welcome at Flavorwire central, so we’re delighted to premiere the video for Seattle-via-Texas group Roladex‘s single “Glass Statuette.” The song is a study in poptastic retrofuturism, with icy analog synth sounds and pop hooks aplenty, and the video’s aesthetic works perfectly with these sounds — it’s all pixelated textures and washed-out colors, along with a gloriously ’80s gullwing-doored Lamborghini, and the whole thing looks like it’s being played back on a wonky VHS tape. “Glass Statuette” is released on a limited split 7″ with labelmates ((PRESSURES)) — the single comes on fancy yellow vinyl, and you can hear both sides (and order a copy, if so inclined) here. In the meantime, click through to check out the video!