Stephen Colbert Sponsors U.S. Speedskating Team


We’ve finally found a reason to be excited about the Vancouver Olympics: On last night’s Colbert Report, Colbert announced that his show will be the primary sponsor of the U.S. Speedskating team. Seriously. This is in the wake of the team’s largest sponsor, DSB Bank NV, declaring bankruptcy in October. Colbert Report/Comedy Central won’t pay the team directly; they’ll be asking for donations from viewers — to the tune of about $300,000.

According to Colbert, the team’s uniforms will be emblazoned with the “Colbert Nation” logo, right on the skaters’ “enormous, billboard thighs.” Other things that have Colbert’s name on them: a NASA treadmill, a bald eagle, a Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream flavor, and a junior hockey league team. Clearly he’s trading up.

Watch the segment (which stars at around 2:07) below.

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