Video of the Day: Weezer’s “I’m Your Daddy” (Feat. Kenny G)


The Weezer Raditude hoopla continues with the release of the band’s Spinner session moment with Kenny G. If that earlier stunt with Leighton Meester was all about appealing to a younger demo, perhaps this is about making sure that our parents know who the band is? We’re not entirely sure. All we do know is that we’re creeped out by how much we dig Kenny G’s sax solo. Does that mean we’re getting old? Or is it just some ’90s nostalgia thing?

As Stereogum previously reported, Kenny G is not exactly what you’d call a fan of the band: “I don’t know anything about Weezer — nothing. I’ve heard the name, but I never knew any of their songs [except] some song about a sweater … with the wool coming apart?” Point: Kenny G.

Craving more silliness? Check out the new infomerical for the Weezer Snuggie below.