Gawker.TV Launches, Meet the Team


Gawker.TV just launched today under Gawker Media’s ubiquitous umbrella. Longtime readers of Gawker know that video production has been a large part Gawker for the last few years. With Gawker TV, the videos are the ones people send you all day, which makes it “either hyper-relevant or totally useless.” That about sums up our sentiments. After the jump, meet the team, and find out what we can expect.

The Gawker.TV project is the brainchild of Editor-in-Chief Richard Blakeley.

“Blakeley has been the head of the Gawker Media video department since 2006 and is perhaps best known for co-creating the over-the-top food blog This Is Why You’re Fat. In the tech world, Richard is best known for stealthily turning off televisions at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show, earning him a lifetime ban from the largest trade show in the world. His films have been featured at BAM, Brooklyn Underground, and most recently England’s Rolling Rock festival.”

Blakeley will get plenty of help with his two assistant editors Mike Byhoff and Whitney Jefferson. Byhoff has been working in the video department for “1.08 years” and has provided some top videos for Gawker. Before his stint at Gawker, Byhoff worked for Fox News in Arizona, and produced work for Arizona’s Ryan House. Jefferson has been a Letterman page (Dave never made a move), a Gawker Video Intern, and recently worked a real job at Mediabistro.

From left, Mike Byhoff, Whitney Jefferson and Richard Blakeley [photo via Diana Levine]

Blakeley explains what we can expect from Gawker.TV in comparison to other video sites:

“How many times have you been lost on one of these sites for hours and yet feel you haven’t really watched anything good at all? Gawker.TV filters through the clutter to dish out the best 10-15 posts per day of music, movies, viral sensations and more. With user video submissions mixed with original cuts, Gawker.TV gives instant gratification to the video-centric world.”

Also, if you are worried there will be no more videos for Gawker, Blakeley had this to say:

“The Gawker video department will continue to run as it always has, there will always be videos on, ours will just be less newsy and less sophisticated ;)”

If you think you have a Gawker.TV contender, submit at the top of the screen in the little white box.