The Most Stylish Micro-Apartments


We’re not shy about sharing our obsession with tiny houses and miniature dwellings, so when we spotted Miel Arquitectos’ design for a small-scale apartment on Dornob, we felt inspired. Micro living speaks to our desire to pare down, simplify, and create functional, beautiful spaces where we can thrive. In mega-cities like New York, your bank account depends on it. We’ve rounded up some tiny living quarters that don’t skimp on style, so click on for more stunning micro-apartments.

This 200-square-foot minimalist Paris apartment uses colored lights to add depth and visual interest to the small space. A multipurpose, oversized staircase adds whimsy.

Delightful, retro-style built-ins give this 320-square-foot pad a fun and spacious feel.

For people with compact apartments who have big dreams, double the pleasure of your studio space with the addition of a loft. This one has added (coveted) closet space.

Gorgeous teak and plentiful storage hides this East Village apartment’s greatest sin: it’s a shoebox.

Architect Peter Kostelov brought this narrow Moscow micro dwelling into the light by lining it in pale oak and adding glass walls.

A book lover’s dream, this London flat makes use of its wall space by adding shelving to die for. The loft is topped with a sleeping nook where residents have a bird’s-eye view of their spectacular space.

It’s not impolite to hover in the case of this functional micro apartment, where the bed hangs out just like the residents do on the sofa below. Dress your linens up or down, depending on your desire to accentuate the obvious or keep it clean and inconspicuous.

Russian designer Vlad Mishin’s undulating sculptural walls made from black metal and plywood help conceal this apartment dweller’s kitchen and bathroom. They also divide the space into two functional rooms.

“A white geometrical structure runs across the entire house, splitting private spaces from others and hiding stairs too. It is cleverly designed, with oblique lines that capture the eye along with some nifty use of light and shade.” Stanley Kubrick would approve of this futuristic design.

Smart cabinetry, beautiful woodwork (inspired by vintage crates), and a striking spiral staircase. Alan Chu designed this playful apartment that marries style and privacy.