Video of the Day: Douchebag Solidarity Movement


Attention d-bags! You no longer have to suffer jabs from snotty hipsters and, well, normal people, in silence – it is time to reclaim the word douchebag. Check out the Douchebag Solidarity Movement video, with all your common garden varieties of douchebag represented: the jersey-sporting beirut player, the Bluetooth-wearing cokehead suit, the Ed Hardy lover with misguided facial hair, the super meathead at the gym, and the fake tanner addict with not one, but two (!) popped collars. Anybody missing? Let us know in the comments.

According to the Douchebag Solidarity Movement: “A reclaimed word is a word in a language that was at one time a pejorative but has been brought back into acceptable usage—usually starting within the communities that experienced oppression under that word, but often also among the general populace as well.” Well you go, douchebags.

Feel free to forward this to anyone you think might be interested in joining the cause — anybody have Jon Gosselin’s email address?

[via BoingBoing]