Tweets Have the Artistic Agency to Make Abstract Expressionist Blobs


While the following images might look like psychedelic pools of nothing in particular – hypnotizing screensavers, perhaps, or intercut footage in a La Roux video – they aren’t just empty colors. Rather, they’re “emotions.” The quote marks are necessary, because, in fact, the images belong to a sort of 3-D infographic of emotional states as expressed on Twitter. The installation, titled Monolitt and created by Syver Lauritzen and Eirik Haugen, was set up at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. It allowed passersby to tweet at an underwhelming white protuberance that begins oozing paint, whose color-palette is determined by the emotional display of the tweet.

While the video above shows people tweeting relatively straightforward emotions like “Annoyed” or “Feeling Goooood,” I’d like to think that it’d be able to interpret something like Cher’s latest:

(I, for one, think it’s pretty obvious that she’s depressed, and am thus currently oozing navy blue paint). If elephants’ self-portraits could be classified as crude early modernist revival art, then the artworks composed (albeit indirectly) by tweets seem to mirror the creed of abstract expressionism, with a 2010s electro flair. As de Kooning famously said, “#Colerz n’ #squigglez, betches @Rothko.” Click through to check out the installation and some of the designs it created. (Via The Creators Project.)