Fashion Week Across the Pond: Links You Need To See


Fashion Week has finally vacated the streets of Soho (New York), and now London’s clicking with the Louboutins of a thousand fashion editors. Although London tends to be the kid sister of the Fashion Week cities, Erdem has certainly stolen the show so far, having reverted to his signature florals, thank god.

Meanwhile, Refinery29 has the scoop on the pet project of a few ex-Googlers: a porn-specific search engine called Boodigo. And while you’re on the subject of “boodi,” check out the latest New York magazine article that has Facebook commenters flipping out. Somewhat relatedly, E.J. Dickson at The Daily Dot asks a question re: more sex stuff that’s on all of our minds.

On a more wholesome note, BuzzFeed reports on the winners (and losers) at the Toronto International Film Festival in an article titled “TIFFerent Strokes,” which, y’all, is funny. Their winning film, Jake Gyllenhaal’s new movie Nightcrawler, wowed critics and audiences alike. Here’s to hoping we find it in American theaters ASAP.

But, after all that, maybe you have some questions. About some really important things. Such as: have you ever wondered if Lily from the AT&T commercials really hates her job? Or — if you’re like me — do you ever get Minecraft confused with that computer game your dad had on his PC, Minesweeper? (Note: they’re not the same, and one of them just made $2.5 billion.)