Handmade by Design: Nick Potash


Handcrafting makes a difference. The care and craftsmanship in a handmade item, whether jewelry, clothing, or spirits, is obvious. We wanted to celebrate the artisanal Roca Patrón tequila with a series of handmade barware. Jeweler and metalworker Nick Potash created one-of-a-kind bar tools, inspired by Roca Patrón, and invited us into his studio in southern California to check out the process. Sterling silver, ebony wood, and bronze were transformed using simple but time-consuming processes like wax-casting and hand-carving. Best of all: they could be yours. We’re auctioning off all the custom commissioned items to raise money for DIFFA (Design Industry Foundation Fighting AIDS), one of the country’s largest nonprofit supporters of direct care for those living with HIV/AIDS. Check out the video, and enter your bid; the auction runs through October 3rd.