Stop Wearing Clothes, Start Wearing Paper


Lugging your old clothes to a Salvation Army or local vintage shop is backwards thinking — it just takes too much time. Instead of helping the needy and assisting thrift store plundering fashionistas, you can now trash your dated clothing in the recycling bin. Which is why we need to start wearing paper! Plus, it just looks cool. After the jump, find pictures of our favorite paper-minded fashion.

1. Map Wear Elisabeth LeCourt has created the most utilitarian piece of clothing since the subway hoodie. We’re not sure how many times you can wear a map dress before it gets too crinkly, but who ever said clothing had to last more than a day? Wear this to Jeopardy. The answer is Fiji.

[via Elisabeth LeCourt]

2. Origami Fashion Places not to wear these dresses: Rugby match, hotdog eating contest, Olive Garden. Created by Japanese/Brazilian designer Jum Nakao for a paper fashion exhibition, the clothing supposedly had to be ripped off after the models finished their runway walk! The paper gods weeped that day.

[via Fashion Indie]

3. Tyvek Clothing As Design Milk notes, you can’t fold these up into paper airplanes and hurl them violently at your dearest friends. These House-Wear products are, in fact, “breathable, durable, light and machine-washable” – mostly because they are created with paper and cotton.

[via Design Milk]

What are your thoughts? Do you think paper should replace denim, wool, et al.?