12 Hilariously Weird Anti-Drug PSAs


These days you can throw a rock and hit a “I tried ____” drug essay. But there was a time when the anti-drug PSA was all the rage—and one occasionally presents itself, like this ad about molly (that actually wasn’t as ridiculous as it could have been). As most people know, the drug PSA is usually hilariously awful, totally ineffective, and downright weird. Thanks to the magic of the Internet, those laughable “just say no” ads are still with us today. And we’ve gathered a collection of oddball PSAs for your viewing pleasure.

Clearly you should only buy your drugs from the snake people, because whoa.

Is this an anti-drug or anger management PSA?

When Freud wrote about the uncanny he was talking about this heaving pile of flesh that resembles a deflated blow-up doll.

Where can we buy the surfing monkey bank, please?

And then Lindsey smoked more weed to forget the fact that her dog can now talk.

Wasn’t this a Akinyele song?

“And if you do drugs, you’ll go to hell before you die.” Thanks, Captain Lou Albano!

The title of this PSA is What A Teen’s Day Can Be Like. The use of “Thai stick” and “kind buds, sexy” confirms this should be called, What an Old Person Thinks a Teen’s Day Can Be Like.

The Church of Scientology’s anti-Britney PSA, disguised as a cocaine PSA.

Cronenbergian PSAs are really the best.

You still wake up sometimes, don’t you? You wake up in the dark and hear the screaming of the chickens.

It gets wonderfully weird when she decides to buy a hot dog.