Watch Taylor Swift and Bill Hader Spoof Kanye-Gate


We hope the promo for this weekend’s Taylor Swift-hosted installment of Saturday Night Live isn’t a warning of things to come. The singer told MTV News, “I want to look nothing like myself. I told all the writers, ‘Don’t count anything out.’ I want to go completely, 100 percent in. I don’t want to be halfway involved. Just because I have a lot of things to do as far as being musical guest and host doesn’t mean I don’t want to live up to my full hosting demands.”

We’ve got some notes for the show’s writers, too: Surprise us. An opening monologue that centers around Kanye-Gate will not be funny — it will feel dated. Ignore your natural impulse to make “I’mma Let You Finish” the episode’s “That’s What She Said” callback. Do not put Kenan Thompson in a black leotard. Even if he begs. Consider giving Swift a Natalie Portman-esque bad girl moment. That would make us laugh.

Are you planning on tuning in on Saturday night?