Water Gets a Street Art Makeover


Perrier® sparkling natural mineral water has a long history of collaborating with renowned artists, from Warhol to Dali, and now it has turned to three internationally acclaimed street artists to re-imagine their iconic green water bottles and cans. JonOne (NYC/Paris), enhanced the glass bottle with bold, abstract designs; Sasu (Tokyo) adorned the plastic bottle with colorful geometrics; while Kobra (São Paulo) enriched the slim can with dynamic patterns. Check out all the #StreetArtbyPerrier bottles now, for a limited time. Which is your fave?

Check out behind-the-scenes video from the three artists, as well as some pics of their other work, to get an idea of the talent behind these exciting, limited-edition looks.

JonOne (Paris)

JonOne came up in Harlem, arguably the birthplace of modern graffiti and street art scenes. But unlike his neighborhood contemporaries, he left for Paris in 1987 and never looked back. Instead of subway cars, he moved to canvas and has since had dozens of solo exhibitions around the world. His bold, brash style belies his NYC roots; his abstract take on the genre sets him apart.

Kobra (São Paulo)

Eduardo Kobra is a Brazilian painter and street artist globally known for his Walls of Memory murals, which transformed cities around the world with his colorful, kaleidoscopic versions of iconic historical images.

Sasu (Tokyo)

Sasu draws inspiration from nature, and the line-work of Buddhist mandalas. Her murals can be found from Tokyo to Miami, and her work with fellow painter (and husband) Kami as Hitozuki (“Sun and Moon”) has been showcased internationally as well.