Flavorwire Video Premiere: Jonny Telafone, “The Prayer”


A shirtless, bearded man. A small white dog. FORBIDDEN LOVE. Well, sort of — this video by Australian “bedroom auteur” Jonny Telafone features the eponymous Mr. Telafone crooning about “unspoken desires” and “beautiful eyes” while clutching a rather nonplussed looking Maltese terrier, an image that’s as amusing as it is mildly disconcerting. (Especially when the dog starts, um, licking his nipples.) The video was directed by fellow Antipodean Geoffrey O’Connor (of Crayon Fields and solo renown), and it’s great, gazing on the curious couple through atmospheric blue filters and contrasting them with flashes of religious imagery. The song’s ace, too — it’s ’80s-influenced late-night R&B that falls somewhere between How To Dress Well and Telafone’s labelmate Darren Sylvester. It’s the lead single from his upcoming album Romeo Must Cry, which is out through Chapter Music next February. Click through to check it out.