Flavorwire Premiere: Future of What’s “No War Dance Floor”


It’s been a while since Brooklyn has produced an electro-pop outfit worth paying attention to, but, hey, if you wait long enough, anything can happen. And so now we have Future of What, a playfully political BK band fronted by singer-songwriter Blair Gimma and backed by Max Kotelchuck and Sam Axelrod.

Their first full-length, Pro Dreams, out next year on January 13, was recorded in part with producer Brian Thorn (David Bowie, Smith Westerns) in more than half a dozen studios and almost as many cities. While much of the album’s lyrical content was written in response to the untimely death of Gimma’s brother, collectively the album is a 10-track treatise on big city love, regrets, veganism, and so much more. So, let’s just say it’s about life, then.

Flavorwire is lucky enough to be premiering “No War Dance Floor,” the song that perhaps best captures the make-love-not-war ethos of Future of What. It’s a frothy piece of music, with Gimma’s vocals floating atop a groovy-ass bassline, electric snares, and synthesized handclaps. It is a song, as the band says, that speaks to how “You’ve gotta fight a war like there’s nobody watching, dance like you’ll never be hurt, and sing like there’s nobody listening.”