The 5 Best New Songs We Heard This Week: Alex G, Mogwai


Our intrepid music editor Jillian Mapes has decamped to Montreal for the weekend, so this week you get weird bedroom noodlings, instrumental pseudo-jazz, and the hitherto untapped genre of Grindr techno. Rejoice! But seriously, it’s been a strange week for new music releases — not a great deal of note from prominent/”famous” artists, but plenty of interesting shit to be found if you poke around in the crevices of the internet. Have at it!

Alex G — “Hollow”

Alex G is 21 years old. Alex G is still in college. Alex G has recorded and released five albums. Alex G’s albums are great, and so is this song. What are you doing with your life?

Mogwai — “Teen Exorcists”

Christ, what’s happened to Mogwai? This sounds like My Bloody Valentine covering the Pet Shop Boys, and it’s a long, long way from “Mogwai Fear Satan.” That’s not to say it’s not good — it’s rather catchy, and the guitars sound pleasantly like being directly under a flight path — but wow, how times have changed.

Jonny Telafone — “The Prayer”

Forgive us for tooting our own horn, as it were, but we premiered this video earlier this week, and it’s still ace, canine nipple-licking and all.

Mattson 2 — “Peaks of Yew”

This week’s discovery, courtesy of the excellent Aquarium Drunkard: twin brothers from Southern California who describe themselves as a jazz duo but — on the strength of this track, anyway — make music that’s a lot more far-reaching and interesting than anything Howard Moon might enjoy. This is apparently the opening track to their newest EP, entitled Agar, which your correspondent will be endeavoring to track down immediately. You can listen here.

Perc — “Grindr”

And finally, a dark, intoxicated, and frankly somewhat terrifying techno stomp named after, yes, Grindr. Happy Friday!