Uncovering the Mysteries of Sweaters and Broomsticks: Links You Need to See


Makeup news doesn’t get talked about very often, which is a shame, because it’s super-fun and because why the hell not? It washes off. So: in probably the most exciting makeup news of the year, best beauty blog Into The Gloss and founder/editorial director Emily Weiss released Glossier, their back-to-basics makeup line. Which focuses on skincare. I know, right? It’s a combination of the most beautiful things on the internet and IRL and everything ends happily ever after. Refinery29 has the full scoop, so head over there for more details.

In other news: sure, Twin Peaks is back, and it’s exciting and whatever, but no one is talking about the best part of Twin Peaks except Vulture — sweaters. They have the complete compendium of the 117 best sweaters featured in Twin Peaks ever. How will the new season compare? Seeing as we have until 2016 before it debuts, the show’s stylists have some time. Pray for them.

Harry Potter fans are freaking out about cryptic clues J.K. Rowling has been dropping on Twitter. And if, like me, you’re a real Harry Potter fan, you’ve definitely spent time wondering how men and women zip around on what are probably very uncomfortable brooms. Luckily, Mental Floss has some answers.

On a more serious note, the best writer who is also online, Roxane Gay, has a stunning new piece up on VQR titled “The Price of Black Ambition.” In it, she discusses “success, ambition, and blackness and how breaking through while black is tempered by so much burden” in her typical beautiful prose. Each thing Gay writes (and even, let’s be honest, tweets) is a gift, and this piece is no exception.