How Not to Mention ‘American Horror Story’ : Links You Need to See


Because I told myself I wouldn’t talk about [a certain show pertaining to the country I’m currently in and that country’s circus performers who might experience and/or engender some horrific stuff] for the rest of the day, I’ll try to get the first two bits about [Below-Canadian Spooky Anecdote: [Politically Incorrect Word] Extravaganza] out quickly.

Surely all of the fervor surrounding said television show has led it to bleed into people’s personal lives — destroying friendships, marriages, towns, or just making people blog about it too much — and surely people are starting to question where they end and where this show’s characters begin. Well, if you’re wondering just how much of a Myrtle Snow or a Shachath: Angel of Death or a Moira O’Hara you are (I clearly want to be Frances Conroy and only Frances Conroy, always), here’s a quiz you can take, to ensure Ryan Murphy’s further tyranny over your life with his addicting show, [Show With Too Many Storylines: [Still Politically Incorrect Word] Pageant]. With all of this talk of the show which shan’t be named, I’m clearly just trying to avoid sounding like these characters that tend to say only one thing, presented in listicle form by A.V. Club.

And in similar news, soon the whole population of Houston is going to be turned into Beyoncé-quoting zombies as the result of what seems to be a brainwashing scheme (on the part of what was formerly Houston’s last remaining all-news radio station). The station, reports Jezebel, decided to go from all-news-all-the-time to all-Bey-all-the-time. And while “pretty hurts” might be a productive message, it certainly won’t be able to, say, explain, as a news station might, how abortion is only available to the wealthy in Texas. And while “perfection” might be the “disease of a nation,” Ebola might also be, and it’d be good for Texans to stay abreast of that, as well.

Leaving our country and its horror stories behind for a minute, the Dardenne brothers — the Belgian directors of L’Enfant — are preparing for the December US release of their new film, Two Days, One Night, and did an interview with Indiewire on the film. It stars Marion Cotillard, and is about her character’s “frantic race to save her profession — as well as the stability of her family life.” Of course, if insinuating foreign drama isn’t your thing, Dear White People‘s in-your-face form of American satire is on full display in its awesome new NSFW(ish — I mean, come on) Red Band trailer.