The Most Hilarious Stills from Live’s “I Alone” Video


Nineties nostalgia is everywhere these days — and sure, as far as musical decades go, the ’90s gave us a shitload of great bands and great songs. But let’s not forget they were also the decade that gave us Live, a band that was fronted by a dude who looked kind of like a bad Michael Stipe waxwork figure, and that contained multiple people named Chad. Apart from giving tour promoters headaches (“Live… live?”), they were also responsible for the most hilariously awful/singularly amazing video of the decade: “I Alone,” which really should be watched with the sound off for full effect. But to save you watching it at all, here’s a highly scientific survey of the funniest bits.

Behold: the least appealing opening frame ever captured on film.

“Hey Chad, where’s my drum kit?” “I dunno, Chad, did you leave it in the van?”

“For the love of god, get that camera away from me!” “It’s too late now, Ed, we’re rolling.”

Just Ed and Chad, rockin’ out like bros in a cheap photo studio enigmatic desert landscape.

That rat-tail, though.

“Noooooo not the camera!” “Ed, for fuck’s sake, we’re shooting a video.”

(Also: why is Chad jumping?)

“Quick, Chad, get in the frame and do your best Richard D. James!”

Darkness has fallen! But never fear, for Chad shall lead the way.

Ooh! Symbolism!

Kumbaya, m’lord, kumbaya…

Strange is the night where the black stars rise, and strange moons circle through the skies… But stranger still is lost Carcosa.

“We have no idea what we are doing.”

“Chad, stop it. You’re scaring the children.”

“Dear god, what have we done?”