Tina Fey’s 10 Favorite 30 Rock Moments


The Daily Beast just posted a roundup of Tina Fey’s favorite 30 Rock moments. As hardcore fans of the show we were rather surprised by how many of her picks didn’t make us laugh out loud — granted she’s rather close to the material. Luckily there was one clip that really did. It’s from episode 208, “Secrets and Lies,” and features Flavorpill favorite Tracy Morgan. We’ll let Tina set it up for you.

“I like every time we get to make up some predicament that Tracy’s character was in. We showed an animated clip that Yvonne, on staff, was able to make—a fake, animated clip done on the super cheap, and the movie was supposedly done with Charles Barkley. The one thing I like is that Tracy has a way—he doesn’t say ‘a million dollars.’ He says, ‘a millah-dallahs,’ which always makes me laugh. Tracy may, at the time, have had a lime green Jaguar. That may have been an inspiration for the yellow Bentley.”

Watch 10 of our favorite clips — out of what was available on Hulu — below.

“Showdown” Season 1, Episode 3

“Wear a Bra” Season 1, Episode 4

“Weird Secret Stuff” Season 1, Episode 18

“A Very Kenneth Christmas” Season 2, Episode 9

“Believe in the Stars” Season 3, Episode 2

“Reunion” Season 3, Episode 5

“Fight the Power” Season 3, Episode 8

“Confronting the General” Season 3, Episode 10

“Jury Duty” Season 3, Episode 14

“Liz’s Acting History” Season 3, Episode 16