Bugs in the Furniture: An Experiment


We all know to be weary of critters when taking from the curbside fairy. Furniture company The Blu Dot has just taken it to a whole new level. In cahoots with PR Agency Mono, Blu Dot has placed 25 of its Real Good Chairs throughout New York City and they’re all bugged — as in secret spy bugged, not bed bugged. The chairs, which you can track here, are GPS enabled.

Hmm. What’s the point, you ask? Well, they’re making a movie about it for one (ETA: December). It could actually end up being a pretty interesting study of city curb-mining habits, and depending on who ends up with the chairs, we could get some serious characters involved. Kind of like a Willy Wonka golden ticket-esque thing.

Also, the chairs are tweeting. TWEETING CHAIRS, YOU GUYS.

What’s on your mind, chair?

“Just sitting here…it’s getting cold in NYC! #realgoodexperiment,” tweeted one of the remaining chairs this afternoon. While some chairs have been snapped up immediately upon drop off by overzealous trackers, others have had to wait their turn. “A gentleman has been sitting on me for 15 minutes but still no take… #realgoodexperiment.” Poor li’l guy.

If you got your hands on one these chairs, what would you do with it? Know someone who nabbed one? Have them email us at tips [at] flavorpill [dot] com with the scoop!