Gone Girl, Bad Weather, and the D: Links You Need to See


Everyone’s content has been on point today, so I just want to thank y’all (y’all here being used in the feminist sense) for making today’s post really easy to write. Here’s what you need to read (or look at) from today’s internet goings-on.

At Vice, Daniel Smith has written a heart-wrenching essay about what it’s like to develop schizophrenia, an illness that’s not fully understood by science and completely misunderstood by society. Smith bravely details his first psychotic episode, the road to recovery, and the importance of getting the best possible treatment. “Until I became schizophrenic, the word represented a death sentence in my mind,” Smith writes. “This is far from the case if it’s treated well.” With schizophrenia — as with most mental health issues — there is hope.

At The Daily Dot, E.J. Dickson writes about the campaign to change the usage of the word “prostitute” to “sex worker” and Shawn Binder explains why everyone needs to see Ben Affleck’s penis, in Gone Girl, specifically. It’s not easy to see, so keep an eye out for the d. (Seriously, though. they’re both great pieces, I’m just being immature.)

And what is up with this weather? Awful. James Joiner at Esquire has a great idea on how to stay dry since there’s a chance of rain tonight. You’ll definitely want to place your order soon, since according to Jessica Roy, this winter is going to be almost as bad as last year.

What better way to stay warm, though, than with a gut-stretching beer? Adam Houghtaling at Punch has a fascinating essay on the history of Miller High Life, particularly its place in a rediscovery of American masculinity and the ripple-effects in the modern-day hipster. If you don’t care to live the High Life, how about a guide to drinking the Game of Thrones beer?

Wine is also an option if you’re not much of a beer person—because let’s be honest, winter is for drinking. Alex Beggs has a PSA on the best wines to solve all your life’s problems. Start sipping, my friends.

And since no links post is complete without some mention of animals, BuzzFeed has an adorable and absolutely necessary read on what animals “say” in other languages (hint: it’s not always “woof”). You’ll never be able to listen to a dog bark the same again. By the way, the illustrations are by James Chapman, who has an entire book on animals speaking in other languages. Oh. My. God.