I’ll Give a Nickel for Your Pickle: Links You Need To See


The height of pickle-frenzy has probably come and gone, and yet, pickles remain delicious. And that’s why there is going to be a whole day dedicated to it in NYC. So many pickles: sours, half sours, garlic dills, whiskey sours, deli style, sweet, gherkins, cornichons, relish. Beans! Cucumbers! Carrots! Cauliflower! International pickles, even. I’d give a nickel for so many pickles, tickling optional.

And what happens when pickle-tickling does happen — but underwater? Well, for this unfortunate couple, the suction created from… the motion of the ocean… forced the two of them together in such an intense, transcendent way (like the physical version of a Vulcan mind meld) that a doctor had to give the woman an injection to dilate her uterus so that the man could “detach.”

Sounds like a painful experience, so it’s too bad it didn’t happen to Chris Noth, aka Mr. Big, who in a recent interview called Carrie Bradshaw a “whore.” Luckily, the writers of SATC responded, even though they didn’t really call him out on being an idiot. Which he is.

(Have you ever tried pickled turnips? Pretty delicious.)

I don’t know what’s worse: being publicly ridiculed for being an idiot, or that feeling you get when your credit card is rejected. Well, unfortunately for President Barack Obama, he has to deal with both. Ah, man: It’s one thing to get called out for doing a bad job at your job, but it’s another thing to be publicly embarrassed in front of the love of your life.

It’s Friday! Have you had your coffee yet? Saturday is tomorrow, which means Saturday Night Live is tomorrow night, which is usually not cause for excitement, generally, but here is something cool: a breakdown of the process used to create the intro sequence to this season of SNL. Oh, and Prince and Chris Rock will be on it this week. I guess that’s exciting. So, yes. Let’s mourn the loss of another week of our lives, mourn the in-progress loss of Wrigley Field, but do not mourn the loss of marriage inequality — celebrate it! Celebrate marriage equality just as Foxygen celebrated being Foxygen on a Chicago morning talk show.