Deadly Destinations Around the World


We’re days away from Halloween. In keeping with the spooky spirit of the season, we’ve traveled to some of the deadliest destinations around the world—places not for the faint of heart. If jumping into an active volcano, swinging over a cliff, and kayaking off a waterfall sound like a good time, then read on. Hundreds of brave souls flock to these attractions yearlong for the thrills and chills they offer. See what these deadly destinations have in store for you, and reconsider your Halloween plans for next year, below.

Take a ride on Swing at the End of the World in Baños, Ecuador at La Casa del Árbol for a gorgeous view of the lush landscape—including the Tungurahua Volcano. There are no safety devices for the swing that flies over a steep hill (8,530 feet above seal level). Just some rope and metal attached to an old treehouse.

Only the brave need apply to walk the plank at the HuaShan Plank Path near the city of Huayin in Shaanxi province, China. Mount Hua has seen its share of fatalities, but that hasn’t stopped people from inching their way across the mountainside. A steel rod ladder, footholds carved into the cliff, some dubious wooden planks, and a chain provide the only security. This video is the best action movie we’ve seen all year.

Why anyone would want to swim in shark-infested waters is beyond us, but in Volusia County, Florida (dubbed the world’s “Shark Bite Capital”) people brave the surf and its killer creatures. It was reported in 2013 that the area’s New Smyrna Beach has seen 238 attacks (but no fatalities).

The Kjeragbolten is not that table you’ve been eyeing at Ikea, but a giant boulder wedged in a mountain crevice in Norway. It’s a popular destination for BASE jumpers, climbers, and those apparently unafraid that the boulder will one day send them crashing to their death.

For almost 10 thousand dollars you can bungee jump 10,000 feet into an active volcano. Did we mention you’re doing this from a helicopter and that the jump leaves you hanging only 700 feet above the belly of the molten beast? The Villarrica Volcano in Chile is one of only several volcanoes in the world to have a lava lake in its center.

If volcano bungee jumping isn’t your thing, how about volcano boarding? Take an hour-long hike up the Cerro Negro—an active volcano in Leon, Nicaragua—and surf off the hill. Pray the lava doesn’t strike.

The Formula Rossa is the world’s fastest roller coaster, topping 150 mph (in five freaking seconds). It should come as no surprise that the ride is located in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.

Swim with giant Australian saltwater crocodiles, with only a pane of glass separating you from your demise.

Did you know that there are people in this world of sound mind who kayak over waterfalls? Tyler Bradt holds the World Record for Waterfall Descent. He dropped 189 feet in a 3.7-second free fall.