Pulitzers for the Web, Cheap Opera Tix, NYT Money Woes and Other Cultural Headlines


Books: “The Pulitzer Prize Board will now permit online entries for all 14 categories of Journalism entries, a change that will permit web-based submissions in Investigative Reporting, Criticism, Feature Writing, and eleven other categories.” [GalleyCat]

Dance/Opera: “New York’s Metropolitan Opera, with ticket sales lagging and the economy in recession, said it will offer some of its priciest seats for weekend evening performances at $25 each for the rest of the season.” [Bloomberg]

Design: “The New York Times Co. says it will borrow as much as $225 million against its sparkling Midtown Manhattan headquarters to prevent a possible cash flow jam as the media behemoth struggles to come to terms with credit and profit worries.” [CBS Marketwatch]

Film: “My sources say the Motion Picture Academy has reversed its decision to disqualify the score for The Dark Knight. Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard, who collaborated on the music, will now be able to compete in the best original score category.” [LAT]

Music: “U.S. universities are getting a glimpse at a plan that would build a small music-royalty fee into the tuition payments they receive from students.” [Wired]

Television: “The network has signed the popular Tonight Show host to a new agreement whereby Leno will have a show airing weeknights at 10 p.m.” [The Live Feed]

Theatre: “Try to remember the kind of December when you were watching the finale of the CBS reality series The Amazing Race, and thought one of its champions looked familiar: sure enough, Nick Spangler, who was a winner of the show’s $1 million prize on Sunday night, is a star of the current Off-Broadway production of The Fantasticks, in which he plays Matt.” [NYT]

Visual Arts: “A group of Spanish architects and art world types has savagely denounced the continuing work to complete Gaudí’s religious masterpiece the Sagrada Familia.” [Guardian]

Web: “U.K. Internet users have been blocked from editing Wikipedia, and they’re unable to access an article about an album by the German rock group, the Scorpions.” [IW]