“Kick-Ass” Movie Posters and Buzz From Screenings


The Kick-Ass movie posters were released earlier today, and most of the blogger world is salivating over Matthew Vaughn’s adaptation of Mark Millar’s comic book series of the same name. We’ll show you them after the jump, but what’s really interesting to us is the critical buzz generated by Lionsgate’s recent test screenings in London and LA. Readers wrote in to Ain’t It Cool and Slashfilm with their reviews, with one comparing it to a cross between Matrix and Shaun of the Dead and calling it “the best superhero movie ever made.” That bodes well.

“DK Mode” went to an Arclight screening, and this is how he starts off his email to Ain’t It Cool:

I have seen a lot of screenings, but I’ve never felt compelled to write in with any reviews. Until now. This is by far the best comic book movie I have ever seen… I couldn’t find any flaws in “Kick-Ass.” It was a nearly perfect script, filled with out 8 to 11 ‘Oh Shit’ moments and lines that made people clap and freak out.

Here’s a similar take from Slashfilm reader “Ranjit R”:

If it’s not a commercial success for whatever reason this is guaranteed cult classic status, period. I can not rave about this movie enough and await the final cut in April.

And another review from “IG”:

Avoiding spoilers I worry it just sounds like ranting and raving summing up to “THAT WAS AWESOME…” but what can I say? That’s where my head is at, all over the place cause my mind got blown… I’m sure you’ll be getting lots of emails on the subject as Lionsgate is cranking out Screenings like gang busters but I just came from one and hot damn, what a flick. I never read the comic but this movie was a great fun incredibly violent ride.

While we haven’t found any negative reviews, blog praise can be misleading. There was a huge build up online for Snakes on a Plane , and it didn’t live up to the billing. We’ll have to wait until April 2010 to find out just how awesome (or not) this superhero movie really is.