Are Kendrick Lamar and Taylor Swift Flirting? : Links You Need to See


What better a way to avoid thinking about the fact that the Republicans overtook Congress (and, honestly, what better a way to be a good Democrat than to avoid thinking about such a thing, leading, possibly, to the next dreaded Republican victory?) than to stare at some funny and perhaps even informative (but decidedly unpolitical) shit from around the internet? I can’t think of anything. So here’s some funny and perhaps even informative but decidedly unpolitical shit from around the internet.

As it’s famous for doing, Buzzfeed has posted another piece where a famous person stands next to their younger self, proving, shockingly, that time… happens!!! And while this may seem like the most obvious fact of life, there’s no denying that celebrities next to their younger selves look uncannily like celebrities next to their younger selves, and that that somehow very sentimentally speaks to something at the core of us (perhaps all of our cores are made up of recycled People magazines). So, treat your cores to this gallery of Harry Potter actors at the premieres of the first and last Harry Potter films. P.S. the baby pictured above is not Daniel Radcliffe, but that does not mean that Daniel Radcliffe wasn’t once a baby.

Speaking of magical babies whose supreme powers make you feel oh-so-meek, Lorde’s cover of Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody,” reports The Daily Dot, has once again arisen online. In the performance, Lorde is 12. Yeah. Feel shitty. I’m a 25-year-old American man with a receding hairline, and I’m STILL not covering Kings of Leon songs with my beguiling New Zealander drawl and the flailing of my luscious locks. What the hell am I doing with my life?

You know who else is young? Taylor Swift. And despite her youth sometimes making her lyrics seem a bit idealistic or even insufferable, none of that has kept Kendrick Lamar from expressing his admiration for Swift. And Swift has likewise been expressing her admiration for Lamar. And while an understandable reaction to all this admiration might be “get a room,” it’s actually better that they don’t: the two keep dropping weird clips of themselves rocking out to the others’ music, and such public displays are far more amusing. Most recently, Dallas Radio Station K104 caught onto the whole [artistic] love fest, and, while interviewing Lamar, had him freestyle over “Shake it Off.” Read Time’s whole history of their [musical] courtship.

Some might say Swift’s music has a “quixotic” quality, especially if they were trying to segue into this next bit of news about Terry Gilliam’s Don Quixote film, The Man Who Killed Don Quixote. Gilliam has, in his seventh attempt at casting the lead for the film, made an awesome choice, casting Jack O’Connell (the lead of Angelina Jolie’s upcoming Unbroken) — we’ll just have to see whether the very idea of this film is quixotic, as it seems to be cursed.

And that’s that. Now go back to your now-Republican-dominated reality.