The Dark Side of LEGO: Creepy Scenes Built with Blocks


New York City-based designer Mike Doyle has a talent with building blocks. We’re talking about Legos, of course. The artist even created a massive piece titled Contact I, which was composed with more than 200,000 Lego blocks. It’s part of the inaugural collection at the Museum of Realist Art in Boston. Doyle is also an author — and his Beautiful Lego book, published last year, showcased some of the most intricate designs across the world by Lego artists. On November 20, Doyle is publishing a follow-up book, Beautiful Lego 2: Dark, which we learned about on Beautiful/Decay. Think of it as Beautiful Lego’s evil twin. From creepy things that crawl and spooky houses, to sci-fi monsters and horrific scenes, Dark delights in Legos gone bad. See a preview of the book in our gallery.

Sergio Rojas Téllez, Marat Assassiné

Gilcélio de Souza Chagas, Old Electric Chair

Mihai Marius Mihu, Heresy, from “The Nine Circles of Hell”

Carl Merriam, The Madness from the Sea

Luke Hutchinson, Mystic Manor

Dan Parker, Cavities

Jimmy Fortel, Scary Bear

Nicolaas Vás, Entomophobics

Bart De Dobbelaer, Hatchery

Chris Edwards, Fighting for Life