Meet the Murderer from ‘Too Many Cooks’: Links You Need to See


Are you obsessed with “Too Many Cooks”? No? Don’t know what it is? Well, it’s the 11-minute, Casper Kelly-directed (read Gawker‘s interview with him here) Adult Swim feature that parodies ’70s and ’80s television title sequences while slowly introducing a serial killer plot-line into the mix. It’s been viewed nearly two million times. And that’s baffling! The fact that an absurdist piece of entertainment has succeeded in infiltrating the Internet’s most mainstream channels, and has not been strictly relegated to the most underground Reddit subs and /b/ threads, is a sign that people are either really, really bored at work, or just really into delightfully well-produced nonsense.

And, should the latter be true, that’s great! But what’s even better is the story of William Tokarsky, the man who plays said serial killer. This interview with him isn’t super in-depth, but offers up just enough about the man’s personal life, along with his relationship with his wife, to make the whole thing an extra bit more charming and fantastic. On his wife’s reaction:

She’s not crazy about it, but she doesn’t dislike it. She understands it’s acting. Since I’ve retired, I’ve done a little bit of acting beyond just extra work, and she encourages me. But this one would not be the type of thing that she would watch if I wasn’t there. Let’s put it that way.

Another fantastic thing is this probe landing on a comet. That sounds really lame, and like it should’ve been a headline in the 1970s, but there you have it. In the culmination of a “$1.3 billion, 10-year mission,” the European Space Agency’s Philae probe landed on Comet 67P. The probe is live-tweeting the whole thing (of course it is). And, even if it’s not on an Interstellar-level of space travel, it’s still a nice reminder that human beings are capable of accomplishing things in space. Sometimes, though, it’s a bit harder on Earth:

Yeah. Two window washers over at One World Trade Center got trapped in failed scaffolding. This is maybe the nightmare of every person who has ever, for any reason, considered being a window washer. Firefighters were finally able to break through a window and rescue the two men, thankfully.

And now, turning to a slightly different subject, Buzzfeed‘s essay on gay romance explores relationships through the lens of Roland Barthes, or something. Writer Matt Ortile’s brief story of a dying relationship is an interesting one because it’s pretty representative of gay and straight relationships, especially ones that take place in New York City. There’s a self-awareness in the writing that stops it from becoming all of the bad things it could be — treacly, self-important, nostalgic — or maybe it is all of those things, just a little bit? Yeah, it is. But it’s still a good read.

As is this piece over at Refinery29, which dissects Eminem’s recent lyrical misogyny, and posits that Em, a grown-ass man, should be over this by now. Luckily, as writer Devon Maloney points out near the end of her piece, the sort of spit-take baiting rhymes Eminem has peddled since his earliest days are growing less effective in terms of drawing positive attention.

And that’s all. Have a good evening. Try not to get stuck in scaffolding, stuck on comets, stuck in stale relationships, or stuck being Eminem (that one mostly applies to Eminem).