The Ugly Sweaters You’d Actually Wear


We have grandmothers and the 1980s to thank for the sullied reputation of Fair Isle sweaters everywhere. Nicknamed the “ugly sweater,” which also encompasses those awful 3-D sweaters with dangling jingle bells and other holiday ephemera, our ironically inclined culture has had an obsession for gaudy knitwear lately. Pop culture purveyors have been dressing up the ugly sweater, transforming an item of embarrassment into something we’d actually wear. We’ve collected a few fantastic ugly sweaters that are sure to be conversation starters at the dinner table this holiday.

For the monster lover. $38

If you have to dress like a carpet from the 1970s, make it the carpet from the Overlook Hotel in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. $85

Please don’t get wet, expose yourself to bright lights, or feed yourself after midnight while wearing this Gremlins sweater. $85

Minnesota accent not included. $85

All the hails. $80

Long walks in the woods encouraged. $80

Everyone loves Christmas Cthulhu. $76

You’re the next Supreme! Sorry, sold out — but it’s probably for the best since it was going for over $2,000.

The power of cats compels you. $63

Twin Peaks is everywhere these days — except on a sweater, apparently. This tee is the closest you’ll come to realizing your dreams as a log lady. $14

80stees was the best source for a legit Big Lebowski Dude sweater (eBay and Etsy have them, but they’re not cheap). But it looks like the company is selling this “Dude Abides” knitwear these days. Stalk them for the former and purchase the latter if you’re into it. $30

You might as well wear one since we’ll be hearing about it until December 18, 2015. $30