Will Grindr Work in the World’s First Underwater City? : Links You Need to See


Oh, the questions a day of staring at the Internet stirs. While on the one hand it may be selfish to burden you with these questions, on the other, I’ve never been one for censorship. Anything can, possibly, be meaningful to someone, so who am I to withhold (subjectively) thought-provoking information about, say, Zac Efron masturbating from the general public? As Deleuze said, “Si vous êtes pris dans le rêve de [M. Efron], vous êtez foutus.” So clearly it meant something to him.

Let us continue to examine more ontologically loaded matters! The Daily Dot has a long, illuminating feature on the series of accidents that led Twitter bots to collaborate on “erotic fan fiction about Taye Diggs.” Ultimately, it’s always difficult, on Twitter, to tell what’s verbalized with a poet’s sense of deliberation, and what’s strictly algorithmic. Then again, we may all be algorithmic, n’est-ce pas?

You’d think that if someone were to build a whole other society, on another planet, or perhaps in the ocean, they’d want to start anew. No Twitter, no bots, no convergence of the two which leads to articles about Taye Digg’s feathered dorsal ridge. According to The Guardian, that underwater society is soon to be a reality, and it’ll (of course) be off the coast of Japan. Built by Shimizu Corp, Ocean Spiral will, once it’s constructed, be home to 5,000. And given the concept imagery, I’m pretty sure it’ll have Wifi, and will therefore not be immune to erotic Taye Diggs fan fiction. Which also probably means there’ll be Grindr access, which will likely make for an underwater bubble of endlessly awkward run-ins. Though perhaps not as awkward as the responses to these Grindr messages sent by Mr. Freeze from Batman and Robin. Not futuristic enough for you? Check out the world’s first Drone Orchestra performance, which actually took place in the present (or technically, now, the past). It’s up to you determine whether it’s more momentous than this Electric Light Orchestra performance, which also took place in the past.

Perhaps you’re more of a nostalgic type; luckily, today, Ana Lily Amirpour’s overtly retro feminist vampire film, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night was released; as a preview, Amirpour narrated a clip from the film over at the New York Times . Or perhaps to please you, we need to tackle some material that’s biblically old? A.V. Club reports that Monty Python’s Life of Brian’s “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” has topped the funereal charts in the United Kingdom: that’s right — Brits most want to memorialize their loved ones while recalling their favorite comedic crucifixion scene from 1979.