The Best and Worst of Last Night’s ‘SNL’ with Cameron Diaz


Trailers for the Annie remake featuring a tarted-up Cameron Diaz as the mean Miss Hannigan are cringeworthy (highlighting some of the problems actresses over 40 face), but Diaz has proven to be a gifted comedian so perhaps she stands a chance. It was disappointing to see that SNL followed suit by shoving her into a few tight skirts and some lingerie for tonight’s episode, but Diaz’s energy and professionalism steal the spotlight. This is her first time on the Studio 8H stage since 2005 (she’s hosted three times before), but Diaz doesn’t miss a beat. Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars bring the funk in a flashy set. See how it all went down, below.

The Best

“Capitol Hill Cold Open”

The mean version of School House Rock’s “I’m Just a Bill,” that isn’t quite mean enough. The cutaway from Bobby Moynihan’s bill to the animated version falling down the stairs over and over again shouldn’t have been as funny as it was.

“Back Home Ballers”

It’s a good thing SNL cut right to this after such a dreadful monologue. Lil’ Baby Aidy is back! The women of SNL have a new music video: “Back Home Ballers.” If your mom does your laundry during holiday get-togethers while you sit around and do absolutely nothing, then you’re probably a back home baller. The song is no “(Do It On My) Twin Bed,” but Leslie Jones’ breakdown about being up to her ass in bowls, bowls, bowls (the mom thing, not the drug thing) is damn hilarious.

“New Annie”

Move over Quvenzhané Wallis, the new Annie is Leslie Jones’ 43-year-old strongwoman whose parents are Wyclef Jean and Bonnie Raitt.

“Weekend Update”

After getting the obligatory Bill Cosby mention out of the way (short and focused on the Cosby Show), we go right to Kate McKinnon’s Angela Merkel who has discovered that people at the G20 Leaders’ Summit think she has resting bitch face. Taran Killam’s Charles Manson and Cecily Strong’s Star (Afton Burton, since renamed) show up to talk about their relationship. It falls flat, but Killam’s crazy-eyed outbursts are a thing.

“Office Boss with Cameron Diaz”

Beck Bennett is back as the adult baby boss with Diaz as his adoring wife. She’s pregnant, but not sure she’s ready to be a mom (said while feeding her husband with a spoon at his high chair).

“The Fight”

Kyle Mooney’s angsty high school student Chris Fitzpatrick returns — and this time he’s fighting Andy Rydell, who has been messing with him since the ninth grade. We get PowerPoint, Michael Bay-worthy explosions, and nu metal all in one sketch. The writers made Fitzpatrick less in-jokey for the older crowd, but the character doesn’t suffer for it.

“Poetry Class with Cameron Diaz”

Vanessa Bayer’s gawky substitute teacher Miss Meadows reads some extremely bland verse about Thanksgiving before introducing her friend (Diaz), who reads a dirty poem about the UPS man.

“Night Murmurs”

Strange bets involving a frozen turkey. Murder plots targeting a grandmother and her coveted trailer. Mysterious packages labeled “Danger.” It’s semi weird for weird’s sake and doesn’t go as far as it should, but I’d welcome the wacky nighttime chat operators back if they can eventually top ex-porn stars.

The Worst

“Cameron Diaz Monologue”

The actress acts weirded out by a bunch of lame audience questions about her career. You can practically hear the crickets.


I was definitely not a fan of all the live animal sketches tonight. Watching baby chicks plunk down into a mug from some kind of contraption hidden behind a Keurig-style coffee maker made me cringe. I’m sensitive about this stuff and don’t enjoy any kind of comedy that relies on animal antics, but your mileage may vary.

“High School Theater Show”

A jab at pretentious contemporary theater made by young performers. “I just hate that they think they’re teaching us,” says Vanessa Bayer’s parent (the funniest moment for me). The sentiment is amusing, but why make this as boring to watch as the overdone shtick they’re poking fun at?

“Dr. Dave and Buggles”

Dick jokes and more live animals.

Musical Guest: Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars