What’s on at Flavorpill: Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office


Today at Flavorpill, we wondered if Sarkozy was telling the truth on Facebook about where he was when the Berlin Wall fell. We made a mental note to request a review copy of Pixar’s Up. We love balloons! We imagined the pressure of designing 30 book covers in 30 days. It’s just as crazy as writing a whole book. We were excited by the trailer for The Carter, the Lil’ Wayne documentary. We loved the latest installations from Mark Jenkins in Moscow. We shook our heads over the Hipster Grifter’s reality TV show pitch. The woman is nuts! And finally, like true Jeopardy! geeks, we made it a real Daily Double and danced to the MC Trebek remix. Watch it after the jump.

[via The Daily Dish]