Movember-Worthy Mustache Merch For All Year Round


The month of November, otherwise known as “Movember,” is coming to a close — but that doesn’t mean you can’t support this great cause all year. Movember aims to raise awareness about men’s health issues, including prostate cancer, by encouraging people to grow a mustache and participate in charitable events. As fans of all things mustache, we’ve gathered some fun mustachioed pieces of merch that are sure to keep Movember on your mind (and hopefully on your upper lip) in the coming months.

An ode to one of the greatest mustaches in music. $15

Soap to wash away all the sins of your mustache-twirling antics. $8

Clip that stache (to your tie). $36

Groom that baby with a comb from Nick Offerman’s wood shop in East L.A. Engraving available. $75

Part lolli, part disguise. $4

Your cubicle just got very excited. $3

No, thank you. $2+

Put your best mustache forward with this beer stein. $8

Pizza has usurped the popularity of bacon, but a bacon-scented mustache is king. $4

No. Wire. Hangers! (Unless they look like this.) $12

Store your favorite books in your stache. $35

T-shirt + fancy cat with mustache x infinity. $21

Make your holiday gifts extra manly. $7

A handlebar for your handlebars. $10

Tickle your whiskers. $4