Video of the Day: Bicycle Polo


To be filed under Hipster Sports We Don’t Believe Really Exist. Like Muggle Quidditch. According to the Pittsburgh City Paper, who reported on the bicycle polo trend back in May,

The game is pretty straightforward: a 10-minute, three-on-three contest, played with homemade mallets, on bikes. The ball is a street-hockey ball. Keep it out of your goal, and get it into theirs — fairly similar to regular polo. For a goal to count, it must be hit off the narrow side of the mallet, and it must go through the front of the “net”– really just two orange cones painted with “PGH POLO” in a bubbly, graffiti-style font. The net is a few feet wide, and games score in the single digits, generally.

Sounds simple enough, but it looks a lot harder.

Find out more on the U.S. Bicycle Polo Association website. [via The Awl]