The Best Homemade Gifts by and for TV Superfans


Holiday gift shopping is simultaneously fun and frustrating. There’s the joy of finding the perfect gift for someone important in your life, but it’s first accompanied by the panic of searching for that perfect gift. Fortunately, if your recipient is a television fan — and who isn’t? — then there is no shortage of wonderful gifts to give them. Official TV merch is fun (and very, very weird), but if you want to get a little more personal, here are 15 unique, homemade gifts for the television obsessive in your life.

30 Rock minimalist poster

This beautiful minimalist poster featuring one of Liz Lemon’s catchiest phrases makes a great gift for that sitcom lover in your life who is still not over the end of 30 Rock and continues to quote the show at least three times a day.

Bob’s Burgers vinyl record clock

If you’re searching for gifts for a Bob’s Burgers fan, look no further than Etsy, which is basically a Tina Belcher fan site. I’ve lost so much time just browsing all the Belcher merch — phone cases, mugs, headbands — but this vinyl record clock is one of my favorites, just utterly gorgeous. Bonus: Here’s a Tina Belcher Christmas card to accompany it.

prayer candles

If the precocious teenager in your life is also a television fan, then these Daria and Jane prayer candles will work double duty. Worship at the altar of television’s most cynical duo.

best friends rings

Best friend jewelry — rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. — are always a good Christmas gift, but if you want to ignore the crowds at your local mall’s Claire’s store, then a great alternative are these adorable Mulder and Scully rings, each with a mini UFO engraved on the side.

jewelry box

But where is your best friend going to keep her ring? Easy: This cute four-drawer jewelry box, customized with decoupaged images of everyone’s favorite group of best friends.

wine glass

Not only is this a good gift for a Scandal fan, but it’s also a very practical one: it holds your wine and it instructs the rest of the room to keep quiet while Olivia is talking. Save the tipsy commentary for Twitter.

Twin Peaks coffee mug

If you’re going for Twin Peaks gifts, then a coffee mug is certainly the most predictable (save for a piece of pie or maybe a log) but it’s still probably the best. Anyone can channel their inner Dale Cooper in the office with a damn fine cup of black coffee in a damn fine mug.

toke box

Let’s be fair, if you’re an adult marathoning Adventure Time (which is an extremely good show) on Netflix, then there’s a good chance that you’re probably also stoned. Why hide it? This customized “toke box” is not only decorated with Adventure Time images but also comes packed with some necessary supplies — except the weed, of course.

cutting board

For the pun-loving Dad in your life who loves to recap Season 1 episodes of Breaking Bad while preparing steak for grilling. All of them are handmade and come in a variety of different wood/colors. Don’t forget the matching apron!

Tardis necklace

Everyone has a Doctor Who fan in their life and Etsy knows it. There are countless homemade Doctor Who related items on the site, all made with care by other fans of the show. I personally love this simple, 3D necklace that’s not too flashy and would go with everything.

Bonestorm duvet

It was nearly impossible to pick just one Simpsons related gift to go on this guide, but I’m most obsessed with this duvet cover of the Bonestorm NES cartridge, especially because it means endless Thrillho references.

messenger bag

There are a billion Parks and Recreation t-shirts to choose from but this messenger bag is a more practical gift for a Leslie Knope fan. You can use it everyday and it has ample space to cover all you need to be Knope: Some books, a framed photo of Hillary Clinton, and even some waffles (though I’d hold the syrup).

hand-painted vest

OK, I’m going to be totally honest and admit that I’m mostly putting this awesome Beavis and Butt-head painted punk vest on this list in hopes that one of my friends will see it and buy it for me.


You will never get over Jordan Catalano and the way that he leans against lockers while his perfect hair falls over his eyes, but hey, you can still pretend.

charm bracelet

Us TV fans sure do love our jewelery, huh? This Veronica Mars charm bracelet captures everything that’s important about the show (and Veronica herself): her dog, her camera, Weevil’s motorcycle, and, of course, a marshmallow.