Naked Dresses and Sparkly Beards: Links You Need To See


2014 was an important year for fashion. Oscar de la Renta, L’Wren Scott, and Joan Rivers all passed away, leaving enormous voids in the fashion world. Noted anti-Semite John Galliano was appointed as creative director of leading fashion house Maison Martin Margiela…

…and Rihanna wore this:

…probably the most important dress of the year. Veronique Hyland of The Cut has a roundup of the most important fashion events of 2014, ranging from “the sublime to the ridiculous.” But that’s why we love fashion, isn’t it? For better or for worse, it rarely fails to surprise.

At Cosmopolitan: another wonderful list, this time by Brittany Spanos and titled “Super Successful Teens Who Will Inspire You To Get Your Shit Together In 2015.” Malala Youfsavi, Maisie Williams, and Mo’ne Davis are all out conquering the world at the tender ages of 17, 17, and 13, respectively, so what the hell is keeping you? The least you can do is get hit the gym a couple times a week. 2015, here we come!

Maria Del Russo of Refinery29 admits to being “kind of torn” about beard ornaments–which are now, apparently, a thing. I’m not torn about this. This is absolutely debauchery. This is almost worse than Christmas getting its own aisle at Duane Reade in October. This is a sin. Do not wear beard ornaments.

If you’re not drinking a negroni right now, I feel bad for you (I’m not drinking one and feel bad for myself too). To hold you over til your next cheerful, bitter, spiritous libation, Camper English at Saveur has a brief Timeline of the Negroni, including 2014 which, I suppose, is “Peak Negroni.” Jump on the bandwagon, folks, the liquor’s cold (but, um, the driver is sober).

I’ll conclude with your Daily Dog: a comparison of the Dogs of Los Angeles and the Dogs of New York. According to Ryan Bradley at The Awl, there are considerably more chihuahuas in LA, which comprise 15.6 percent of all dog breeds in LA, compared to NYC’s 4.4 percent; New Yorkers prefer male dogs to female dogs by a considerable margin. The French Bulldog represents to New Yorker Spirit. And Portland, despite it all, is the best dog town.